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Blomidon Provincial Park – December 2013


Blomidon Provincial Park is a stunning park located in Nova Scotia, Canada.  The park has remarkable trails, camping and a beach.  I learned about this park from studying Google maps.  It is a 1 hour and 40 minute drive from the city of Halifax.  It is a beautiful drive as you get closer to the park, when you drive on North Mountain and see Minas Basin.

Blomidon Provincial Park Coastline

Blomidon Provincial Park Coastline

I arrived at 9:00AM.  A short walk from the parking lot is a cliff of North Mountain. You get a wonderful view of the beach from above.  I started my descent to the beach.  From this level I got a magnificent view of North Mountain.

Ice Crystals And Rocks On Mudflats

Ice Crystals And Rocks On Mudflats

While walking on the beach I notice these beautiful ice crystals.  Below the ice crystals were a stream of water flowing into Minas Basin.  It is amazing how there are various patterns of these ice crystals.

Half Frozen Waterfalls

Half Frozen Waterfalls

Along the mountain there are various waterfalls. There was this one waterfall that amazed me.  One side was running while the other was frozen.  There were icicles that were at least 10 ft (3m) tall.  I spent lots of time taking pictures and videos.  It was an honour to do a trip like this as it is rare for people to have this type of experience.

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Review the details below to see where I walked, the distance, and download my GPS tracks to relive my experience.

Total distance: 5.78 km
Max elevation: 32 m
Min elevation: -29 m
Total Time: 04:44:13

Park Info

Rising majestically from the shores of the Minas Basin, Blomidon Provincial Park is renowned for its spectacular views. Blomidon’s 759 ha (1,875 acres) include 180 m (600 ft.) high cliffs, a variety of habitats, striking natural features, abundant wildlife — and the world’s highest tides wash its shores. These natural attractions provide excellent opportunities for camping, hiking, beachcombing, photography or just appreciating nature.

Park info courtesy of Nova Scotia Provincial Parks

Driving Directions

GPS Coordinates

Longitude: 64°21′ 7.40″ W
Latitude: 45°15′ 21.13″ N

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