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Victoria Park – December 2013


Victoria Park is a beautiful park with two waterfalls named Joseph Howe Falls and Waddell Falls, located in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada.  I learned about this park from a coworker during the spring of 2013.  The park is a one hour drive from the city of Halifax. 


I arrived at the park at 9AM.  At the front of the park are tennis courts,  a baseball diamond and a playground.  After parking the car I started walking on the trail.  Along the trail is Lee Lepper Brook that runs throughout the park. After a short walk I saw a waterfall.  After taking pictures and videos for 40 minutes, a man approached me asking about my day.  I told him my day was well and it was my first time at the park.  He informed me that there are two large waterfalls along the trail.   I thanked the man and soon resume walking on the trail.  A shortly after crossing a bridge I saw Jacob’s Ladder. This ladder contains 175 stairs that take you to the top of the gorge.

Holy Well Gazebo

Holy Well Gazebo

Moving along the trail I was approaching Holy Well Gazebo. This is a popular section of the park where people hold functions, including weddings. As I walked further, the water sounded louder.  After making a left turn I was approaching Joseph Howe Falls.  The area was gorgeous. There is a flight of stairs with a highly elevated boardwalk that gives you a bird’s eye view of the falls.   There is another set a stairs that takes you directly to the falls.  I spent a good hour taking pictures and videos of the scenery.

Waddell Falls

Waddell Falls

When finished, I started to climb the stairs.  I enjoyed the view of the falls from above.   Soon I was approaching Waddell Falls.  After all I had seen on this day, I now understood why my coworker suggested this park.  The first view of the falls was from an elevated boardwalk.  This part also has stairs that take you directly to the falls.  After taking pictures and videos I resumed walking through the remaining trails of the park.  This year I will visit the park during the summer time so I can walk directly to the falls.

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Review the details below to see where I walked, the distance and download my GPS tracks to relive my experience.

Total distance: 7.82 km
Max elevation: 100 m
Min elevation: 36 m
Total Time: 05:38:34

Park Info

Victoria Park is one of Truro’s greatest assets – a natural woodland park of roughly 400 acres in the centre of town. Lepper Brook, with its two sets of waterfalls, flows through a steep tree covered rocky gorge. Several walking trails follow along the brook allowing a close view of this unique setting. The first set of falls is named after the distinguished Joseph Howe who admired them during a visit in 1830. The next are the Waddell Falls, named after Susan Waddell Stevens, who donated the first land in 1888 containing the falls and gorge, thus beginning this park for the enjoyment of Truro citizens.

Sir Adams G. Archibald, a Father of Confederation and a former Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, was the first chairman of the Victoria Park Committee. James Ross, a local barrister at the turn of the 20th Century, is recognized by a monument for his many devoted years of enlarging and improving the park.

Park info courtesy of Town of Truro Parks, Recreation and Culture Department

Victoria Park Trail

Victoria Park has an extensive trail system for visitors to use and enjoy. All trails are designated as multiple-use.

Cyclists are urged to use caution when using park trails and to yield to pedestrians as required. Cyclists are also reminded to stay on defined hard-surface trails to prevent damage to environmentally sensitive areas of the park.

Click to download trail map

Victoria Park Trail Map

Victoria Park Trail Map

Driving Directions

Trail info courtesy of Town of Truro Parks, Recreation and Culture Department

Driving Directions

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