MacIntosh Brook

Day 2: MacIntosh Brook – Cape Breton Highland National Park

MacIntosh Brook is a scenic trail with a fascinating waterfall at the end. Walking the whole trail only takes 30 to 45 minutes, but I’m positive you will take a longer hike when once you begin to fall in love with the trail. For this journey, I enjoyed the scenery for two hours. I started my trip at 1:50PM with the weather at 8C (47F). read more

Glasgow Lakes Look-off Trail Sign

Day 3: Glasgow Lakes Look-off – Cape Breton Highland National Park

Glasgow Lakes Lookoff was the most challenging trails I walked on for this trip. It is recommended to have footwear you don’t mind getting wet and a hiking stick.

I started my trip at 10:45AM with the weather at 3C (37F). The trail starts off at Paquets Lake. I love the color composition when I was taking a picture of the lake. When I resumed my walk on the trail, I noticed it was very muddy.

read more

Cabot Trail Coastline

Day 4: Departure of Cape Breton Highland National Park

I enjoyed my time on the Cabot Trail. I wanted to explore the trail more, but my vacation was coming to an end. There are a lot of observation areas at the top of the mountains. This picture was taken from one of them. For the drive home, I decided to take a direction I had never explored on the trail. I left the Inn at 10:30AM and the temperature was 3C (37F). read more