Day 2: Kejimkujik Lake – Kejimkujik National Park


When I woke up in the morning, Kejimkujik Lake was the first site I visited. It was a very short walk from my campsite. I wanted to capture a panoramic picture of this lake so you can see what a beautiful view I get from my campsite. I also recorded a video so you can get a view of the lake from another perspective.

Park Info

A world of natural and cultural wonders awaits you at Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site, the only Parks Canada site which is designated both a National Park and a National Historic Site.

Nature is at its best in Kejimkujik. Camp in a beautiful wooded campsite or remote wilderness site and listen for the call of the loon. Discover historic canoe routes, experience Mi’kmaw petroglyphs, and swim in the warm waters of Kejimkujik Lake. Don’t forget about Kejimkujik Seaside. Turquoise waters, white sand and seals basking on nearby rocks will captivate you.

Park info courtesy of Kejimkujik National Park